Ecochurch at St Luke’s

In February 2018, we were delighted to be awarded a Bronze Ecochurch, the scheme run by A Rocha.

Ecochurch is a survey-based review of different aspects of our church and community life, covering:-

It has helped us explore as a church community ways of expressing our love for God and people in how we care for his creation. Climate change, pollution, plastics in the sea are all serious problems which we as Christians need to engage with, as well as caring for our own local environment.

It has involved switching our energy supplier to Ecotricity, holding a sermon series during Autumn 2017 (Creationtide) which culminated in an Eco church day in October 2017, and have had other talks in church which have helped us reflect on climate change and supporting communities affected by lack of water or too much rainfall, and continuing our commitment to being a Fairtrade Church. With Christian Aid East of England we’ve lobbied our bank to encourage them to fulfil the promises they made in the Paris Agreement in 2015. It’s been a real team effort, and we’d encourage other churches to consider getting involved too. Thanks to everyone who has been involved for your support!

Photos from our Ecochurch Launch October 2017