August 21, 2016

Worship Services

Sunday Mornings 10:30 via Zoom

You are warmly invited to join with us each Sunday at 10.30am in person at the church, livestreamed on our Facebook page.  In order to reduce the risks of the spread of the Covid virus, we are still asking people to wear a facemask (as at July 2021).

Our Sunday morning congregation at St Luke’s is a relaxed and inclusive church for people of all ages in an open evangelical tradition. We always have a worship time where we sing a variety of Christian songs, from hymns to more up to date songs.  There are toys to play with at the back for little children.  There is always a sermon or talk, as well as readings and liturgy led from the front. The atmosphere is informal with the emphasis being on connecting with God and each other.   The service normally lasts between an hour to an hour and a quarter.

Holy Communion takes place generally every other week.  We serve Fairtrade coffee and tea after the service.

St Luke’s Midweek Communion (not held during lockdown)

We hold a said (no singing) midweek Communion service at 8:00 am on Wednesdays at St Luke’s. All welcome.

St Luke’s – Monthly Peace Meditation

Every second Sunday of the month there is a prayer meeting run by Denise Treissman. During lockdown, this is taking place via Zoom.   

Once we return to the building this will happen at 5.15- 6.15pm downstairs at St Luke’s. More information can be found on her site